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The Pug breed

The Pug is a breed of companion dog originating in China. It was a race of royalties.


This breed has remarkable features such as nose flattened, spiral tail, round eyes and prominent. It is a dog behavior is completely docile. Its size is small and your ideal weight is between 6 to 11 Kg Coat of his muscular body is thin, smooth, soft and short. The color is apricot or silver (both with black mask) or black. It can measure 25 to 28cm in height. You do not want to take long walks or exercise in hot weather or sun, his nose flattened hinders your breathing, running the risk of hipetermia. Because of this muzzle, not stand to be in hot and muggy. Another distinguishing feature is its bark, always hoarse. According to the book The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren, the Pug is in 59 th position among the races in the item searched Intelligence Training and Obedience to the commands.

Life expectancy Pug varies between about 13 to 15 years. It's a dog that loses lots of hair all year round, increasing more in times of change of coat


The PUG was taken to the Netherlands around the sixteenth century by the Dutch Navigation Company Merchant, said India Company, and was greatly appreciated by the ladies of society as a lapdog. After that came to England and later adopted to draft its standard. First, however, in the early seventeenth century, was already widespread in several European countries like Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Always had as a pet of the nobility and high society, its path back episodes with Napoleon Bonaparte, King of Holland, William the Silent, and more recently with the Duke of Windsor.

Without warning a small Pug, William died at the hands of the Spaniards. The barking dog's alert warned of an invasion and saved real life. The Pug became the official dog of the court, and the tomb of Ghilherme displays, besides him, his beloved pet dog.

However, its origin remains less certain that the services it provides. He may have Asian or European ancestry and the name probably can refer to a type of marmoset appearance (also called a Pug).

It also has other names such as: mops the verb "Moppen" which means "puckered-looking" in Germany. The English and dubbed it the Pug "Pug-Dog," which means "something small" or "dog miniature

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