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Our history

Well, I can say is that I identify with the dedication and livestock from birth, excites me their peculiarities, their temperament, their characteristics.

I've always had dogs in my association, but my first dog was a pedigree CBKC York Shire acquired in 2003, after meeting and dedicate myself to it, I decided that was what I wanted in my life, CREATION. Then I started creating with the races and SHITZU YORK SHIRE, which were charming, but in 2007 won a great friend of my first Pug and from there I got enchanted by her, by her docility, his joy, his faithfulness to us were fascinating.

So I dedicated myself intensely studying the breed and the following year I decided I would get to create only PUGS. Since then I try to do the best I can for these wonderful creatures, always seeking the improvement of race and dedicating myself to them day after day because they are what make my life special

Joana Kauffmann Thomé

JokathoPugs - Lajeado/RS
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